DRESSILK® Temporary skin so soft for supercial wounds, burns or skin graft donor sites

DRESSILK® compress acts as an interface. In just one application, it temporarily covers superficial cutaneous wounds (2nd degree superficial burns, skin donor sites), thus forming a barrier to protect the wound (30 days maximum).

Silk being knitted, the compress stretches in two dimensions, which makes it simple and user-friendly thus bringing comfort tot the patient.

Dressilk® presents an excellent compromise because it offers the best environment for wound healing. Once in place, it requires less or no dressing change for the patient and can remain in place until the wound is completely healed. It can be easily removed regardless of the body part.

Its transparency during the first days makes it possible to follow the wound evolution at the beginning of the process of re-epithelialization, thus facilitating clinical evaluation, nurses’s work, as well as saving their time.

Available dressing sizes (cm)
10x10 20x30
Enlargement potential in 2D (60% … 30%)
  • Flexible andadaptable to a morphological zone
  • Simple and easy to apply for nursing staff
  • Brings comfort to the patient
  • Saves nursing staff valuable time

Remains in place until complete healing 30 days

  • Injust one application  DRESSILK® barrier protects until wound closure (30 days maximum)
  • Satisfactory healing time
  • No or less dressing change
  • Less handling
  • Comfortable for the patient as less painful
  • Time saving for staff
  • Less infection risk
  • Satisfactory healing time at short term and good scarring at long term
  • Best compromise (cost/efficiency for the hospital)
Silk without serine protein
  • Soft
  • Flexible
  • Very Safe
  • Non allergenic
  • Removed easily regardless of body part
  • Conformable for the patient
  • Satisfactory healing time at short term and good scarring at long term
Does not adhere to the wound but adheres to the skin
  • Preserves the wound environment for better re-epithelialization
  • No or less dressing change necessary
  • Facilitates wound healing
  • Comfortable for the patient
  • Time saving for staff
  • Reduces costs
Silk 100 % natural and knitted
  • Transparent (the first days)
  • Permeable: the space between the fibres allows exudates to flow past. An antiseptic can be sprayed on top in case of inflammation
  • Allows wound observation and monitoring inflammatory and/or infection signs appearance.
  • Keeps the wound environment sufficiently humid ensuring better healing
Steam sterilisation Sterile, harmless Limitsinflammation and infection

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